Available 9.30am until 6.30pm Mon-Sun
£100 4hr Half Day - normally 10-2 or 2-6
£180 8hr Full Day
Max 10 people in single zone hire

Blue Room

3 big windows, an old piano and faded blue paint. This room is expecting a makeover in the summer so if you like it this way make the most of it now

Gig Room

 No natural light which makes this room perfect for low key or controlled lighting. This room contains a black stage down one end with large speaker stacks to either side. We have a pole for the stage on request. There are also 2 graffitti sets, an industrial set, a grungy urinals set and a frame to work with in this space.

Main Staircase

Entrance Hallway with grand staircase. Currently features a large UV tree mural. 


Used to be the club smoking area. Covered in various graff and has a steel fire escape staircase.


Pantry (cellar) Large Stone table lies in front of a shattered light well

Arched room (cellar) Used to be a wine cellar, mostly white walls, shelving at the back. Makes a nice frame

Black and blue room (cellar) Incomplete but about to be a dungeon set