Who Lived in Antwerp Mansion?

Updated: Jan 4

The Pinto Leite family are unlikely to have been the first inhabitants of the house, but they were certainly the last.

Sebastiao Pinto Leite - Married his 15 year old Niece

Joaquim Pinto Leite 1850-1922 (72) was the last person to live in Antwerp House.

He and his wife Sophie, Jeanne Francoise Marie Havenith Pinto Leite 1853-1910 (57) (died in house) moved into Antwerp House around the time of their marriage in 1878. They had 6 children born in the house.

Hubert Marie Joseph Francois-de-paul Pinto Leite 1879-1930 (51)

Joaquim Marie Pinto Leite 1882-1919 (37)

Marcel Marie Pinto Leite 1883-1950 (67)

Gabrielle Anne Marie Pinto Leite 1884- 1946 (62)

Maria Adele 1885-1959 (74)

Leo Pinto Leite 1892-1892 (6 months) (died in house)

The Pinto Leite offices in Manchester seem to have been largely closed since 1883, although the location was still held by the family. After the death of Joaquim in 1922, it may have been that the family saw no reason to hold a house in Manchester and sold it off. Certainly the area was considered to be going downhill at that time. Wealthy families were moving out of Victoria Park and the larger houses were being sold off to the college, university or to become care homes.

Side note - The Pinto Leite family seems to have been in favour of slavery. In 1833 the elder Joaquim declared himself a citizen of Brazil to exempt his building from the abolition of slavery in Portugal. They may have regretted this in later years as the family seems to have put a lot of effort into cleaning up their image in the late 1850s-early 1860s with a number of flashy charitable donations.

The older Pinto Leite brothers were non-specific merchants and bankers. Joaquim Pinto Leite and his brothers invested in almost everything that was profitable, as was common at the time by capitalists with an airy spirit and knowledgeable of the most profitable businesses in Brazil and other countries.

There were 9 siblings.

Delphina Bernardina Alves(born correia d'assuncao Pinto Leite)

Caetano 1801-1865

Joaquim Pinto Leite 1805-1880 - Father of occupant Joaquim

Jose 1811-1860

Manuel - lived in paris in luxury



Sebastiao 1815-1892


Ana Josepha Maria

Sebastiao(1851) and Jose(1842) seem to be the brothers with the strongest Manchester connections. Jose was the godfather of occupant Joaquim. It may have been this that brought Joaquim to Manchester. Jose's daughter married his brother Sebastiao at age 15 to avoid splitting the family fortune. They had no children.

The earlier years of the house are more difficult to trace. Its possible that the Pinto Leite family ordered the house from the first but I judge it unlikely since the first interest in England seems to have been 1842.

A faint lead is that Richard Bealey of Rochdale area seems to have had 5 Houses commissioned to be built and rented out. Antwerp May have been one of these

Another tip is that the early inhabitants of victoria park are reputedly nearly all german jews, making it highly likely that Antwerp House may have been held by one of these

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