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The Curse of Victoria Park

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

If you look at Victoria Park's beautiful houses and think of its notable residents, You might think that Victoria Park is a historic utopia. But is it?

The plan for Victoria Park was first conceived in 1836, and was certainly bold. 180 acres of unoccupied land would be purchased an easy carriage ride away from manchester and turned into an ornamental park with plots for mansions and villas.

quirk of law meant limited police powers until 1937. You could commit any crime short of murder within victoria park.

Tontine - Fraud



Land returned to original owners (date)- not bound by rules

built smaller houses

Larger houses began to be sold off to institutions in 1880. Long before the pattern began in the rest of the uk in 1920

Victoria Park became unable to afford its own roads and was swallowed by manchester (date)

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